UK Area Codes

The UK telephone numbering plan is divided into geographic areas, known as 'telephone area codes' or 'STD codes', and these are written with a preceding 0.

Area codes are needed to identify the location of a phone number. Area codes in the UK are well organised, from north to south and east to west. The area code is made up of 2 digits, with a 0 prefixing it for local use only (e.g., 01234).

Area codes in the United Kingdom are regulated by Ofcom and the Telephone Numbering Plan is managed by Ofcom, following a restructure of the numbering plan for England and Wales that was originally implemented in 2000. The current format uses one digit to denote an area within a larger region (0–9), followed by two digits denoting the local exchange code, which ranges from 01 to 99, followed by four digits denoting either extensions or individual line numbers.

Download the UK dialing codes database from this link.

Area Codes: 444
Phones: 14102
Area Codes: 35
Phones: 295
Area Codes: 200
Phones: 1650
Area Codes: 70
Phones: 672
Area Codes: 1
Phones: 18
Area Codes: 1
Phones: 35
Area Codes: 1
Phones: 29