Landline Southampton, England (United Kingdom)

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Phone number assigned to 0238 area code.


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Alternative number formats

The phone number can be identified in different formats such as national, E164 - international standard, RFC3966 - URI standard for telephone numbers.

International: +44 23 8168 1815
National: 023 8168 1815
E164: +442381681815
RFC3966: tel:+44-23-8168-1815


Recent reports:

recorded call saying saying three payments taken from my credit card and to press 1 for help scam

HGot that number as a receipt, from someone called Vourteige. Invested Euro 499 and now I can't get hold of them

recorded message, caller did not iodentify herself, referred to suspicious banking transactions and advised pressing button 1 for further info and act...

I live in Canada and received a call from this number this morning stating that my social insurance number was suspended due to suspicious activity....

I live in Canada and received a call from this number stating my social insurance number suspended due to suspicious activity. There is no suspicious...

Caller selling doors and windows

Female caller hung up when questioned.

This number was left in my answer machine on phone. They asked me to phone them back giving my name and address!!

Sounded like a recorded message, wanting to sell me solar panels

Text message saying they cannot deliver a package USPS and to fill out form with my address

What is national telephone number format?

A national telephone number is a single telephone number that allows the routing of calls to different locations within one country. In most cases, a national telephone number consists of 10 digits: a three-digit area code, and a seven-digit subscriber number.
"0" before number is the long distance dialling code within the UK.

What is E164 telephone number format?

When calling a country outside of the United Kingdom, you have to call that country's international access code in order to place an international call.
"+44" is the country calling code assigned to the United Kingdom by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) E164 standard. Normally known as the international telephone number format.

What is RFC3966 telephone number format?

RFC3966 is a telephone number URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) standard for describing resources identified by telephone numbers.
According to RFC3966 document, resources identified by telephone numbers uses "tel" URI scheme.
E.g. tel:+44-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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