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We have 4 phone numbers linked with the 01400 dialling code. According to code data, these numbers are located in Honington, England.

Country: United Kingdom
Location: Honington, England
Numbers type: geographic
Area code: 01400
National prefix: 01400-XXXXXX
International prefix: +44-1400-XXXXXX

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01400281220 has 0 reports in total, searched 2 times
01400228835 has 0 reports in total, searched 2 times
01400273609 has 0 reports in total, searched 2 times

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The most searched 01400-XXXXXX and +44-1400-XXXXXX phone numbers with a lower activity level at the moment but they are still being monitored.

01400221338 has 0 reports in total, searched 7 times


Recent reports:

Text message saying they cannot deliver a package USPS and to fill out form with my address

scammer claiming to be my brother via text message asking me to send them money to a friend of theirs bank account

Called my landline at about 09:15. Claimed to be from 'Your service provider, O2'. I do not use O2, so hung up. Seems likely to be a scam.

Call received to my elderly father. Man called 'Alan' from EE chatted for several minutes ref problems with signal in general. Call cut out several...

Seemed to be pretending to be a call from O2. Person had an accent that was difficult to comprehend. She cut off the call when I said I was not spea...

Called me and I asked who they were. They asked "why?" And I said "Well, you just called me" and they denied it. Not dangerous but certainly strange

Text claiming to be from Canada Post.

This number claims to be from a goverment insulating provider. They are insistent, will not go, even threatened to come to my house to show me that m...

Recorded message for Loft Insulation scam. Suspect use of A.I... not a real person, unable to answer a direct question, no change in vocal emotion....

Seen entering and leaving a Spamchat, saved Screenshots.

Beware, he is a swindler and use a someone else identity. could be an Indian scammer. use name of Michael Van Rooyen. He might be in tinder. be carefu...

Had a call saying that she was from a local energy supplier , but the phone call was from Leeds and I’m in Cardiff.

Claiming to be from Amazon, never answer yes to these people.

Spam or ping

Silent call, but I see from other websites the number is used by scammers. Also similar number 0121 801 2511. Avoid.

Similar dialing codes:

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01403 Type: geographic
Location: Horsham, England
01404 Type: geographic
Location: Honiton, England
01405 Type: geographic
Location: Goole, England
01406 Type: geographic
Location: Holbeach, England