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We have 5 phone numbers linked with the 0303 dialling code. According to code data, these numbers are Non-Geographic numbers.

Country: United Kingdom
Numbers type: non-geographic
Dialling code: 0303
National prefix: 0303-XXX-XXXX
International prefix: +44-303-XXX-XXXX

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03031231113 has 0 reports in total, searched 20 times
03033308861 has 0 reports in total, searched 17 times
03032256222 has 0 reports in total, searched 17 times
03030401046 has 0 reports in total, searched 16 times
03033034141 has 1 reports in total, searched 16 times


Recent reports:

Claiming to be offering personal unsecured loans and have some personal ID information.

A company claiming to be Barclays Bank fraud department called my number three times asking me to contact them. This is a scam. Is it possible for yo...

These people are a pain in the Butt, I have not and will not ever have anything to do with them. Bloody scammers need shooting

Pretends to be a security firm.

"You have dialled an incorrect number"

Breeze VW Service

This is a call with automated voice stating you are under investigation from HMRC tax office, so not real.

Frequent missed calls but no message so I guess this is a phishing caller. Not returned the call and he is blocked on my mobile.

call said bank cards had been used for 2 transactions on amazon & someone else

Windows scam. Avoid.

Yawn. Scam. Bank Security with same old £300 / £1,100 alleged purchases. Surely they must have called everyone in the country by now?? Close them...

Recorded message claiming to be from bank security saying unusual activity on my bank account. Claiming £300 requested for items from Amazon & £1000 f...

Saying that her majestys govermant was going to take me to court but i dont think they understood its his now so its a fraud haha idiots ?

Very sophisticated voice synthesis and recognition, enough to fool the unsuspecting that is it a real person interacting, first asks if you can hear t...

tried to say my life insurance was worthless wanted me to buy from them

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