Landline Liverpool, England (United Kingdom)

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01517089212 is a Landline phone number located in the United Kingdom. Users who reported this number mostly marked it as an "Unknown" call.

Phone number assigned to 0151 area code.


Reports for 01517089212

Total reports: 1

Wanted to know my date of birth and name of bank to send a £202 refund on my phone bill. Purported to be from BT Sky and EE. Asian man, who kept calling me "dear". Very persistent but couldn't answer any of my questions like why do you need my date of birth? why not refund it to the account it came from?
Call Type: Unknown

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Alternative number formats

The phone number can be identified in different formats such as national, E164 - international standard, RFC3966 - URI standard for telephone numbers.

International: +44 151 708 9212
National: 0151 708 9212
E164: +441517089212
RFC3966: tel:+44-151-708-9212

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Recent reports:

Very sophisticated voice synthesis and recognition, enough to fool the unsuspecting that is it a real person interacting, first asks if you can hear t...

Supposedly from 02. likely a scam

Said they were my father and then insulted me in Hindi with other colleagues!!!

Usual scam call saying it is bank security about my card being used at Amazon and a foreign payment being transacted, these scam calls are coming near...

No one is answering when calling back. Plus the actual call is very short, so short in fact that you are unable to pickup.

Asian woman claimed to be calling from Microsoft about my computer, at which point I hung up.

Solar energy scam.

Caller with strong accent said they were from 3 network. I’m not with 3 so I hung up. Suspect this is some sort of scam.

Rang landline at 11.52 am. Alien number so PUPD receiver. Never rang back (no surprise there!). Number now removed.

Scammer, sometimes pretends to be from Three, sometimes an Indian call centre, sometimes pretends to be from Amazon or Visa.

What is national telephone number format?

A national telephone number is a single telephone number that allows the routing of calls to different locations within one country. In most cases, a national telephone number consists of 10 digits: a three-digit area code, and a seven-digit subscriber number.
"0" before number is the long distance dialling code within the UK.

What is E164 telephone number format?

When calling a country outside of the United Kingdom, you have to call that country's international access code in order to place an international call.
"+44" is the country calling code assigned to the United Kingdom by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) E164 standard. Normally known as the international telephone number format.

What is RFC3966 telephone number format?

RFC3966 is a telephone number URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) standard for describing resources identified by telephone numbers.
According to RFC3966 document, resources identified by telephone numbers uses "tel" URI scheme.
E.g. tel:+44-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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