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02088089559 is a Landline phone number located in the United Kingdom. There is few reports saying it may be a "Survey" call.

020 8808 9559 may be owned by "At Nathan & Co" (more »)

Phone number assigned to 020 area code.


Reports for 02088089559

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Call Type: Survey

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Alternative number formats

The phone number can be identified in different formats such as national, E164 - international standard, RFC3966 - URI standard for telephone numbers.

International: +44 20 8808 9559
National: 020 8808 9559
E164: +442088089559
RFC3966: tel:+44-20-8808-9559

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Recent reports:

Called my landline at about 09:15. Claimed to be from 'Your service provider, O2'. I do not use O2, so hung up. Seems likely to be a scam.

Seemed to be pretending to be a call from O2. Person had an accent that was difficult to comprehend. She cut off the call when I said I was not spea...

Recorded message for Loft Insulation scam. Suspect use of A.I... not a real person, unable to answer a direct question, no change in vocal emotion....

Robotic sounding voice, called itself 'Matthew'. Some strange clicking noise after each sentence makes me think there is some A.I being used... i.e....

A lady with an Australian accent, calling about some "trading platform" that I had allegedly registered for.

I live in Denmark and have been called a few times by this number since saturday july 13 2024. Today is monday july 15. Sounds to be a female voice,...

Female caller telling me my O2 SIM card will be blocked in a few days and a new SIM to be send. My provider isn't O2 so probably a scam.

Harassment say something wrong with my Microsoft account changed number 9 times

Female caller claimed to be my local energy advisor calling about the loft insulation. As soon as I challenged how they were local when calling from m...

Call from very unprofessional lady with heavy accent from Indian subcontinent. When she finally said who she was she started saying she was from EE an...

"At Nathan & Co"


Nathan & Co has been serving the North London area with their accountancy and taxation services since 1989, boasting a long-standing presence in the industry. Throughout their tenure, they have garnered a reputation for providing the finest financial solutions to their clients.

The company takes pride in delivering their services to the highest standard possible. Attention to detail and a comprehensive approach ensure that all aspects of their financial services are covered, leaving clients with peace of mind about their accounts. Such an assurance is crucial in the world of finance, where accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance.

Address: Unit 14 Ashley House Ashley Road London N17 9LZ

What is national telephone number format?

A national telephone number is a single telephone number that allows the routing of calls to different locations within one country. In most cases, a national telephone number consists of 10 digits: a three-digit area code, and a seven-digit subscriber number.
"0" before number is the long distance dialling code within the UK.

What is E164 telephone number format?

When calling a country outside of the United Kingdom, you have to call that country's international access code in order to place an international call.
"+44" is the country calling code assigned to the United Kingdom by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) E164 standard. Normally known as the international telephone number format.

What is RFC3966 telephone number format?

RFC3966 is a telephone number URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) standard for describing resources identified by telephone numbers.
According to RFC3966 document, resources identified by telephone numbers uses "tel" URI scheme.
E.g. tel:+44-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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